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   Round bale net wrap supplier​ Date:2019-3-17

Round bale net wrap supplier

he quality of bale net wrap produced by our factory has reached the advanced level abroad. The bale net wrap are a kind of knitting material made of plastic sand thread produced by knitting machines. The weaving method of bale net wrap is the same as that of winding nets. The difference between baling nets is that their weight is different. Usually the weight of winding nets is about 4g/m, while the weight of bale net wrap is more than 6g/m.

Wenzhou Tiandi was set up in 1997, originating from producing PE knitted bags (raschel bags). We cover the largest landscape and have the strongest capital support in the same industry line. Since 2015, we began to focus on producing bale net wrap and pallet net wrap. Now, having 53 looms with monthly output 350 tons, we are the biggest producer of raschel bags, bale wrap net and pallet netwrap.


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